$150 Reg. Session | $200 for Boudoir

To be paid day of or with in 7 days of booking your session.

This fee is to lock in your session date and time.

If unforeseen reasons of cancellation that deposit will be held as credit towards another session however $25 will be added to deposit every time rescheduling is needed.




Hopefully this will be helpful for customers and for photographers starting their own business. Doing photography over more than 15 years and getting to the point of booking sessions months in advance, as a business owner and photographer it is very important for me to know who my serious customers are. What I have found is 90% of the time those that don't put a deposit down are no shows or cancellations. The no shows or cancellations result in money lost, when those spots could of been filled.

Those deposit should be made with in a week of scheduling and if not then the space is open to fill.

I value you all of my customers and those who are inquiring information. I love lifting up and helping other photographers gettting started in their business as I am figuring it all out too. Hopefully, this was helpful info.